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The unique SETUPSTRONG® at Work program empowers all participants to feel and perform their best.

Whether or not you have existing ergonomic programs or other interventions in place, SETUPSTRONG® at Work will bring about superior employee comfort, pain relief, injury prevention, and other vital health metrics. 


SETUPSTRONG® participants practice safe positions and movements during work tasks. These new habits increase task endurance and reduce medical care, missed work, and distractions.

Your team can rely on the SETUPSTRONG® system to most effectively prevent discomfort and injury. 

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Group Training

SETUPSTRONG® at Work group programs include:

  • engaging seminars, 

  • interactive workshops 

  • lunchtime-learning events 

One-On-One Training

Company leaders and employees who have tried various treatments, and yet are not remaining free of pain and injury, get the results they’ve needed. 

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During in-office and/or work-from-home lessons, participants receive ultra-personalized support, considering key factors: physical history, physiology, musculoskeletal and breathing patterns, furniture, and daily activities. 

Each team member served expands their pain-free range of abilities significantly and measurably as they master optimal, efficient joint and muscle use in every challenging work activity. They feel increasingly in control of how they feel and perform. 

Individual SETUPSTRONG® at Work training promotes the changes needed to uproot each participant’s pain and dysfunction permanently and continue to improve. 


SETUPSTRONG® at Work Approaches

  • Prevention of wear, tear, and strain while performing all work tasks 

  • Early discomfort management, pain relief, and injury prevention through evidence-based musculoskeletal re-training

  • Pivotal corrective exercises for protective strength and range of motion

  • Guided deep rest sessions that translate into reduced negative stress at work each day

  • Musculoskeletal re-training in those non-work activities that promote continued good health

  • Other appropriate assistance with overall health and wellness

“I had hip and back pain that went away completely after the first seminar.”

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-Wendy Levene; Owner, Fenton Models

See how SETUPSTRONG® at Work is different

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