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What’s Different About SETUPSTRONG® Body Transformation Services?


Rock-Solid Approaches

Research has shown that many adults and children are harmed by popular approaches to exercise, movement, breathing, and ergonomics.

  • I've deciphered exactly how these approaches compromise joints, muscle function, and physical performance over time.

  • You benefit from my extensive training on how to discern valid scientific findings, and properly apply the synthesis from all relevant fields to implement effective educational approaches.

  • Safeguarded with sound SETUPSTRONG® approaches:

    • Avoid unwittingly making yourself weak or injury-prone

    • Avoid excessive losses of function as you age


Get the quality of information you deserve when you’re striving to do what’s good for your body!

Tailored to You 

  • Ultra-personalized support based on your body, your needs.

  • Consideration of all aspects of your life you'd like to understand better: your history, goals, physiology, physical patterns, furniture, and your daily work, home, and exercise activities. 

  • Eliminate the major root and perpetuating causes that have increased your repetitive strain, injury risk, discomfort, pain, and compromised function. 

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Money-Saving and Time-Saving

  • Most SETUPSTRONG® practice requires no extra time each day–in your existing everyday activities. You build the benefits even when not exercising–in your everyday activities. 

  • Your body’s shape and function will improve in less time when you exercise than if you weren’t SETUPSTRONG®.

  • No need to buy expensive equipment–chairs, supports, and other gimmicks–to sit with total comfort while working, computing, driving, flying, or lounging.

  • Fewer doctor visits and less rehab and downtime by minimizing your chance of developing repetitive strain injuries, falling, or being burdened by pain. 

  • Spend less on your healthcare as you no longer need the same treatments repeatedly and need less healthcare now and as you age.

Gain without Pain

  • Avoid wear, tear, strain, and compression in each of your existing and desired activities so you continue to heal

  • Overcome back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, and more–even chronic pain

  • Benefit from the easy support of your entire “core” including your pelvic floor and the core muscles of your belly, back, and neck. 

  • Release and limber up tight muscles in your neck, upper back, hamstrings, and even your tight hip flexors. 

  • Feel in control of your comfort, empowered by unusual knowledge–how to use discomfort as “biofeedback” to feel better in any moment.


Be Self-Supported 

  • Benefit from knowing that the vast majority of products and programs that promise similar results actually foster dependence, muscle atrophy, degenerative changes to your joints, and compromised physical performance. 

  • Fortify and maintain your natural inbuilt support system. My recommendations do not detract from your strength and endurance. Your body does the work it’s designed to do and with ease.

Build a More Classically Attractive Shape and Height

  • Look taller and slimmer

without holding in your stomach. 

  • Continually sculpt...

    • a rounder buttocks

    • a slimmer waist

    • a toned torso

    • a broader chest

    • square shoulders

    • a V-shaped back.

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Enjoy Youthful Physical Freedom

  • Feel increased power generated from your butt, hamstrings, back, and feet.

  • Experience solid balance every day.

  • Shed fears of keeping up or losing independence as you feel strong, safe, and confident:

    • working out 

    • pounding the pavement 

    • picking up heavy bags, children, etc. 

  • Enjoy increased responsiveness to intimacy and freedom - from leakage, through restored healthy pelvic floor function.

  • Sleep Better

    • more comfortably 

    • less restlessly 

    • with reduced snoring

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  • Benefit from my extensive experience collaborating with medical doctors, osteopaths, PTs, DCs, acupuncturists, etc. 

  • I will communicate my insights with your other practitioners, at your request.

  • I will continuously gauge your progress and adjust as needed to continue to improve your wellness.


  • SETUPSTRONG® habits stay with you.

  • Continue to have fewer repetitive strain injuries or none at all.

  • Move more freely as you decrease the risk of falling or other injuries. 

  • Preserve and augment your muscle mass, bone density, strong physical function, and many other measurable health benefits, as you exercise, sit, and rest better. 

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Senior Yoga Class

My Personal Guarantee

If within the first session you don’t feel better with less pain or more strength (e.g., in your core, back, shoulder, buttocks, balance, or coordination), or have a straighter or taller appearance, I will waive my hourly rate for that session.*


Pamela M. Rief

* Offer applies to the first one-on-one, in-person session that is at least one hour long. 

  Offer does not apply when someone else has booked your session for you, for video-based lessons, or for group lessons/events. 

  Prearranged transportation fees, if any, are non-refundable.

*Offer applies to the first one-on-one, in-person session that is at least one hour long. 

  Offer does not apply when someone else has booked your session for you, for video-based lessons, or for group lessons/events. 

  Pre--rearranged transportation fees are nonrefundable.

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